Many things influence how people feel inside buildings and spaces. This website was built to find out what the main feelgoodfactors are. On this site you can find out what other people’s favorite places and spaces are, and how they feel, smell, look, sound and taste. But you can also tell us about your nr. 1 feelgoodbuilding.


Maison La Roche


This is the feelgood space of:
Jing Zhang

And this is why:

This is a transitional space between the dark staircase space and the room full of light it is leading to. The change of illumination level in the two space is done subtly by introducing natural light to inside from windows - they are arranged to posses full range of the wall in a horizontal manner that well frame the trees outside. The space is generous as a transitional one for stairs, as it is big enough for good natural ventilation and leaves you a comfortable place to stand next to the window and look to the outside view. The windows, dived into several operable ones, provide the possibility to control temperature and ventilation speed in different situations. The not so beautiful heater, well hidden in the shadow, also leaves the outside view the major role in this space.

Maison La Roche

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