Many things influence how people feel inside buildings and spaces. This website was built to find out what the main feelgoodfactors are. On this site you can find out what other people’s favorite places and spaces are, and how they feel, smell, look, sound and taste. But you can also tell us about your nr. 1 feelgoodbuilding.


German Pavilion


This is the feelgood space of:
Machiel van Dorst

And this is why:

Form follows behavior, so a good building facilitates events. My feel good building is however eventless, so the building can take all the credits and becomes a sculpture on itís own. Pavilions are legitimate sculptures because the lack of programs or technical or climatically restrictions. My feelgoodbuilding is the German Pavilion of Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in Barcelona. It ís a perfect walkthrough sculpture. Itís combines fine with raw materials with high tactile quality (onyx, travertine and polished chrome). It opens en closes towards the environment and the plainness of the easy flowing space gives a peace of mind. The indoor climate is the outdoor climate of a Barcelona park, combined with the smell of still water. It is funny, but the smell of the water gives me pleasant memories of Asian cities. The object quality is reinforced by the fact the building is ones demolished and rebuild 57 years later. This capacity to disappear is a form of humility I like in a building.

German Pavilion

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