finding out what makes buildings really feelgood

Many things influence how people feel inside buildings and spaces. There are the obvious issues like whom they are with and how they feel about themselves generally. But many of the FEELGOODFACTORS involved are strongly related to characteristics of spaces and buildings.

In the 80’s and 90’s many media reported about buildings that make you feel BAD.

Those were the times of Sick Building Syndrome, Sick House Syndrome, and Building Related Illness. Are YOU also a bit tired of this all negative approach? Do you also NOT agree with the idea that buildings can just make you ill or at best do you no harm?

why this website?

This website was built to help us find out what people really like for their Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) at work, school or in their home. It is our conviction that not just those trained in building and climate system design, and IEQ specialists know how to build healthy. In fact, maybe the ultimate specialists are those that spend much of their lifetime inside houses, schools, offices etcetera…